Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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  • £30.00 New
    This multi-part plastic set contains 131 components with which to build six Ogors that can be armed with a combination of clubs, blades and iron fists. Options are included for building a Crusher, ... read more

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  • £20.00 New
    Struggle to remember the Great Plan? See any time flicking through books as a distraction from the eternal war against Chaos? Just fancy checking out your warscrolls at a glance? Then you need thes... read more

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  • £35.00 New
    The very battlefield itself is yours to remake with the Realmshaper Engine – a massive scenery piece that’s ideal for Seraphon armies or those looking to build sprawling temple-complexe... read more

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  • £60.00 Brand New
    Start Collecting! Skinks makes starting a Skink based army of Seraphon super simple. Inside, you'll find a Skink Starpriest to lead your forces, a unit of skirmishing Skinks to scout ahead of them,... read more

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  • £25.00 Brand New
    The cold‐blooded Seraphon strive to enact the Great Plan of the Old Ones, their ancient and mysterious creators. They are utterly dedicated to the destruction of Chaos, and will show no mercy to an... read more

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  • £17.50 Brand New
    This multi-part plastic kit makes three Spirit Hosts. Includes three Citadel 50mm Round bases. read more

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  • £15.00 Brand New
    Command your dark legions with the deftness of Archaon himself with these warscroll cards – an incredibly useful resource for Slaves to Darkness generals. With this set, you'll get quick-refe... read more

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  • £25.00 New
    This 20-figure set lets you build a unit of Shootas – the mainline ranged unit of the Gloomspite Gitz army. You'll find these guys fantastic for holding objectives, wearing down enemies throu... read more

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