Grand Alliance Destruction

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  • £30.00 New
    This multi-part plastic set contains 131 components with which to build six Ogors that can be armed with a combination of clubs, blades and iron fists. Options are included for building a Crusher, ... read more

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  • £25.00 New
    This 20-figure set lets you build a unit of Shootas – the mainline ranged unit of the Gloomspite Gitz army. You'll find these guys fantastic for holding objectives, wearing down enemies throu... read more

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  • £35.00 Brand New
    This kit allows you to build and customise three Rockgut Troggoths, featuring a huge host of components and interchangeable parts that allows you to make each one unique. With loads of heads, weapo... read more

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  • £30.00 Brand New
    This set builds 10 Squig Hoppers or 10 Boingrot Bounderz, and includes a huge variety of options for customisation. Heads, weapons, riders and squigs are all interchangeable, meaning that no two mo... read more

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  • £15.00 New
    Managing a Gloomspite Gitz army needn't feel like herding squigs – with these Warscroll Cards, you’ll be able to quickly reference any of your chosen units at a glance. This set contain... read more

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  • £27.50 Brand New
    These little monsters are a great choice in your army thanks to their incredible offensive punch – just point them in the vague direction of anything you need bitten, and charge. If you like,... read more

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