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cEDH Promo-hunter - 22May

cEDH Promo-hunter - 22May

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    Ticket Information


    Ticket Price £15

    Tickets available for purchase in-store and on

    (Please leave a note saying your name and Wizards account email)


    Your ticket covers entry to play and 3x shopTOKENZ (sTKNZ) good for 3 games

    Dice & Drinks Cafe and shrunkenTERRA gaming Club

    79-81 Church Walk

    Burgess Hill

    West Sussex

    RH15 9BQ


    How To Play & Prizes

    This is a format for 3 or 4 players.

    Each player builds the most competitive EDH deck they can

    Play is as per typical EDH with each player attempting to eliminate the others.

    Each player is given a shopTOKEN (sTKN) linked to their life-total.

    An sTKN can be won by either eliminating another player and thereby gaining their sTKN or by being the last player standing and retaining ones own sTKN.

    *see what you can exchange your shopTOKENZ for here

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    Prizes: MTG Promos
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